Weerthof & Frietboer challenge you. Find them all and win stuff! [edit: the hunt is over! Winners are Willem Zenhorst & René Genten. Congrats, hombres! Want to see the actual solution? Scroll to the bottom]

Dear Frietboerians & Weerthovians,

The new album Frietboer Remixed And Covered is out. For this album he invited a big bad list of bands /musicians /producers – including me – to reinterpret original Frietboer tracks. You can download the album for free here.

Cover-Front[1]Frietboer asked me to do his track Beetje Gek, in which he mashed together some of his favorite tracks. Inspired, I decided to reconstruct it by building a new Weerthof song out of as many as my old tracks as possible. This became Product. Dedicated to rough patches we both had, to Henk – a man who was very special to Frietboer, and to my father.

So to celebrate the future we hereby challenge you to spot all the references in Product. Can you find them all? You can WIN FABULOUS OMG PRICES! This is the Weertboer – Friethof Challenge. 

mixtape[1]What can you win?
1st prize – One of a kind Frietboer Mixtape – Homemade by the man himself, including quite some exclusive Frietboer tracks + the famed Out of Control limited edition wooden usb-stick by Weerthof
2nd prize
 The physical albums Hoi, Joyce & Erikjan, Nederwijk & Man met pijp

How does it work?
How many references to my older tracks can you spot in ProductweertboerfriethofThese references are both melodically and lyrically, and coming from the albums Hoi, Joyce & Erik Jan, Nederwijk & Man met pijp. A good place to start nosing about is the Weerthof Bandcamp page. – And extra bonus points if you can find the references in Frietboer’s original.

1) Like the Weerthof and share the Product video on your wall, and tag me (Weerthof) in the post  – 2) Send me a PM or email with your answer, naming all the tracks you think are included in Product.

Contest rules
Send in your answer before the 9th of June. 1 entry per person.

And remember: If you don’t pay for a product, you probably áre the product 😉

Happy hunting!

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Thijs & Michiel aka Frietboer & Weerthof


The solution!

Wat ik zeggen wou (Joyce & Erik Jan) – footpump organ starting @ 0.04, melody @ 0.35
Bruin (Hoi) – saxophone starting @ 0.51
Überhaupt (Hoi) – saxophone starting @ 1.24
Gat in de weg (Nederwijk) – referencing gnaoua-esque rhythm
Golem (Hoi) – referencing lyrics “drenkend in je mensengloed doe ik mij aan jou tegoed”, and referencing autotune doubling in verse
Wolkenkrabber (Joyce & Erik Jan) – referencing lyrics “in stukken maar toch niet alleen”
Kopje koffie kopje thee (Nederwijk) – referencing lyrics “kopje koffie kopje thee”
Mensenorgel (Joyce & Erik Jan) – referencing lyrics “bouw een lied uit je skelet, jij refrein en ik couplet”
Sweet like kerstkaart (Joyce & Erik Jan) – snare @ 1.41 & glitchy beat @ 2.12 remixed from trashbin, glass harmonica after breakdown
Kilimanjaro (Nederwijk) – referencing it’s main melodyline starting @ 1.09 & literally sampled in the interlude, remix of churchorgan piece (in the end part, in Kilimanjaro starting @ 5.52, returning in bonustrack Nieuwbouwwijk aan Zee, from Satie’s Messe des Pauvres)
Spoorstaafbreuk (Man met Pijp) – glitched strings throughout the whole song, starting @ 0.52, sampled and remixed from Dvorak’s Opus 22 – tempo di valse
– Grüezi concerto (Man met pijp) – strings right from the start, sampled and remixed from Projofjev’s violin concerto Ous 19 – moderato

Bonus points – Referencing Frietboer’s original ‘Beetje gek‘)

Dune – Million miles from home (main vocal melody in Product)
White town – Your woman, who in turn sampled it from Lew Stone. (used in Product too)
Sting – Englishman in New York (interlude) – not used in product, but should’ve been