Ooc-optie-4The release date is drawing near… October 2nd. The Weerthof production line is in full swing to have 50 soapy babies ready for your smelling, looking ánd listening pleasure. Meanwhile record label Esc.rec. and me are working on press releases, digital distribution, and getting stuff ready for the release event at De Krakeling. (see below)

But enough talking: have some glorious behind-the-scene pictures!

Already sure you want one? Send me a PM, and I’ll set one apart for you. But besides all the soapy stuff, let’s not forget the most important ingredient: MUSIC!


EP Release @ De Krakeling, Amsterdam – Wed. 2 Oct – 14.30
Come watch & listen to the circustheatre play ‘Huis op Hol’ by Wietske Vogels to which the Out of Control EP is originally the soundtrack. I’ll be setting up my soap lab there, for some live soap making. And off course, be among the first to get your hands on one of these soapy babies.