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Photo by Imagine: Silent Disco, but now yóur own (dance-)movements are controlling the music. Inter- and counteractions have a huge impact on the song dymanics and overall sounds. Now imagine 400 people working with and against each other to create a grand interactive composition..

// These last few months I was part of the team developing and producing this concept as sound designer and co-developer. Play!ground is an adaptable concept developed by Het Makershuis. Suitable for all sorts of visual or audiovisual applications using video mapping and track & trace technology. Festivals, organisations, educational purposes, you name it.

// This January was the big event: ATO Space Mission, a massive manifestation for 400 teachers. Focussing on the 21th Century Skills  we offered a ‘space’ exploration encouraging experience, which – for the participants – turned out to be entertaining, perplexing, engaging and somewhat provocative.

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Thomas Rutgers & Michiel van de Weerthof in the 'Control room' - Photo by

Play!ground trailer:

Technology & Programming: Thomas Rutgers
Audio & Sound Design: Michiel van de Weerthof
Graphics & Visual Design: Mark van den Heuvel
Visual concept: Rieneke de Vries
Logistics & Production: Marijn Productions
Supervision: Joost van Pageé
Management: Kirsti Pol
Nurturing & Catering: Natasja D’Armagnac
Voice over: Lonneke Van Oorschot

Developed by Het Makershuis //

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