Can young people turn into shiny rock-lords in less then 9 days, using only trash and garbage? Yep, it can be done. Even despite my artistical supervision 😉

The 25 participants in the Kakofonia! Youth Exchange have recorded a very professionaly-produced CD, using their instruments made out of trash. They also gave a performance in the city centre of Struga, Macedonia (pictures here). Despite the heat, the various bands formed during the project made a lasting impression on locals and tourists alike.

In the coming months, the CD will be finished and distributed. It will also be made available online; so keep an eye out.

Meanwhile, the tireless efforts of the Kakofonia! PR-team (made up of participants in the exchange) have resulted in an amazing collection of pictures and video’s.

BONUS: Together with Koen ter Heegde and Sebastiaan Janssen we recorded this track during Kakofonia.
Impossible without Broi Atanasov & Maestro Skenderovski

Avtokomanda – Smetka Potvrda