Kus mij niet‘ by Ivo van Aart
Music by Michiel van de Weerthof

This was the first time I made the music for a production this long, which gave the possiblility to work with several musical motifs. Because all the filming and most of the editing was already done, I had to work quite differently. The director and me had good talks about how he saw the movie. A funny thing was the age difference. He was 20 (!) and I was 28 at the time, the same as the two protagonists who develop a love that is doomed from the start (mostly because of the different views coming from their age-related intentions). I had the freedom to give some subtle musical sub-layers coming from my different view upon the theme of the movie, but also learned that less is more.

De zweedse Liselore wil best met Erik mee op schatgraverstocht door Utrecht, maar laat hem één ding beloven: Kus mij niet.
De film vertelt het verhaal van een zomerliefde; een liefde waarbij het einde er in het begin al is.