During my recidence at IDFX in Breda for Interference festival, it is my aim to generate as much positive energy as possible.  For this project I ask people:

– Do you have an idea/plan/performance you always wanted to do, but never did? (With the intention to help them with it, by doing it for them. And hopefully this will also inspire and motivate people to do it themselves oneday.)


– Cleanse my karma.  Apologise for mistakes I made or things I did that weren’t very nice.

– Send a questionnaire with way too many words to people.

– Try to remember the last time someone or something inspired you / touched you deeply. What was it? Why was it?
– Think back to other moments this happened. Can you discover some similar conditions?

– You propably also sometimes have one of those days that you have ‘the Thing’. Everything seems to go your way. Your face is beaming. People turn their heads.
– Did this happen after hard work / positivity / selflessness / inspiration? Put more simply; did you earn ‘the Thing’?
– What is ‘the Thing’? Can you deduct some conditions?

– When was the last time you felt connected with everything and everyone around you?
– What was the situation? Where you alone or among people? Was it with people you know, or with strangers?
– How would you describe the feeling? Warm / cosmic / primal / fiery / refreshing etc. ?
– Think back to other moments this happened. Can you discover some similar conditions?

And to make it a bit more realistic concerning the bounderies of personal capabilities and weaknesses, some optional questions.

– What do you like about yourself?
– When are you at your best?
– What do you find your most inspiring work?

– What do you like about me?
– When am I at my best?
– When am I at my worst? (Is it connected somehow?)
– What do you find my most inspiring work?